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The Road Less Travelled - January 2021

2020 what a year... a year when the world shutdown, paused and for a moment contemplated its own mortality. For many of us it’s a year that will never be replicated, isolation distance and fear of the unknown. It has also been a year of reflection, giving us the opportunity to revaluate our lives and  focus on what is really important, to slow down and be in the moment.

Businesses had to reinvent themselves and organisations had to change.


Although many of us stumbled their way through 2020 at Metamorphosis Projects we never lost sight of our vision and purpose. With the difficulties this pandemic has given for our team this has in fact heightened the greater sense of need that there is in society, a need for enduring kindness and compassion.

This has also been the resounding response from you the public towards Metamorphosis Projects and our Faith, Hope, Love campaign. Because of your support and generosity, we have managed to order a new batch of soap from Bali and helping to empower a community of women and their family during C-19.  

We also increased our volunteer team in the beginning of 2020, boldly launched our Faith, Hope, Love campaign in September & did a four weeks Christmas Appeal in December. We managed to sell more soaps than our first-year project in 2019 and were able to make a Christmas donation (FHL soaps) to the Homes of Peace women’s shelter.

Although 2020 has been difficult it has also given us a glimmer of hope of the possibilities of 2021 and beyond... if we all work together and learn to love and care for each other that little bit more.


At Metamorphosis Projects we believe in transforming lives through the gift of dignity to families in crisis struggling with the outcomes of domestic violence.

As our vision for 2021 continues to bring restoration and transformation through ethical & botanical body care, lifestyle and self-care.


We want to thank you for your ongoing support and believing in our project, together we will strive to make a difference and transform the lives of those less fortunate for the better— so Bring on 2021!!!

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