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For Our Beloved Mothers

Dariush Youkhaneh

Imagine when we started to learn how to walk?! Our Mothers are the first to hold our little hands, and lovingly sent the motherly energy, we felt love and courage to walk with no fear! We began to learn the whole ‘new world’ around us, and our only mama, mom, moeder, mommy, ibu, madre or any ‘word’ you would call ‘her’ — she was always there to teach, inspire and encourage us.

As some people saying the most valuable ‘pearl’ in our life is the Mother. They stand strong in the midst of difficulties, the kind of love towards their children is incomparable. The Mothers’ faith and courage have been shown from the beginning history of humanity till now. They carry such special souls, even we see Jesus on the Cross, thinking about His earthly Mother. Mary, the loving mother of Jesus stayed three years in Egypt to protect her child from the harming hand of Pharaoh.

Mothers are examples of faith and courage in the family. They serve the family wholeheartedly without any return expectations. Therefore Mothers are the greatest gift to us. They are both, soft and strong, Reach them when they need help, Watch over them, and Listen to their counsel. Mother Teresa well said, “Everything depends on how we love one another.” Can we love them more?

Mother’s love is an unseen medicine that mostly can cure all our diseases. Her love is unconditional and genuine. There is power in it. The entire heaven listens when she prays. The purity and virtue of a Mother make all universe in awe! They are clung to such a hope, to deliver the best result for their loved ones.

If you are a Mother, you want to give everything for your child’s safety and wellbeing. Real mothers do not want their children to be hurt. We read an incredible example of this from King Solomon’s story. There were two women claiming to be the mother of a baby. The two mothers lived in the same house, where each mother cared for an infant son. One of the babies died, and each woman identified the remaining baby as her own. The wise Solomon attempt to resolve this conflict by suggesting cut the baby in two, each receiving a half. The other woman looked to Solomon and pleading “Please, my lord, give her the living baby! Don’t kill him!” How do you think Solomon judged? Yes, He turned the baby to the pleading and caring mother. That is what real mothers do, they do everything to save their child. They don’t give up easily.

We, the Metamorphosis Project are here to help those pleading mothers because of unfortunate and unpleasant circumstances. With our project, we let Faith, Hope, and Love rise. Let’s do our part of support, especially when they are facing challenges.

While we are celebrating Mother’s day in Australia. Your small act of love, make a huge difference in the life of Mothers. It would be great to team up with you in our mission to ‘transform lives globally; restore hope locally,’ One Soap at the time by:

~Purchasing Faith Hope Love Soap

~Partnering with Metamorphosis Projects

~Volunteering your time and passion

~Following us on Facebook and Instagram

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