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Kindness in Unprecedented Time

Dariush Youkhaneh

There is a king-key that can open any door. We sometimes lose the king-key in our life, and there is a moment we could live on entirely, but we could not use the king-key because of circumstances—the king-key buried inside of you, which you can use it. The incident of yesterday and the event of the future won't take away your beautiful destiny. These times are unprecedented. We have more time to ponder who we are and how we will be in the post-world pandemic by working on our inside and meditating on life matters.

Mother Teresa well said, "Never be so busy as not to think of others."

Your kindness is the King-key that need to be intentional to others, make it essential in your world. Be kind to yours and then others. Imagine a world without the colour - it is the same, picture a world without kindness! You can colour it with your loving heart.

As we paused to reflect, we lead to spread more compassion. We learn this by letting go of the past and keep moving forward with a glorious future.

The Metamorphosis Project team still working to reach people in need in such as time as this. Recently, we came across one of Sydney's oldest women refuge based in inner-west Sydney, which was in need of our Faith, Hope, Love soap. This means we need to be ready to help; we can make it happen with the generosity and kindness of people like you. We know and believe in our hearts nothing is impossible. If we put our hands together and work towards one goal, we will reach more people in need.

You can look above and be thankful for what you have and what you can do, for yourself, the community and others. Kindness is an attitude of the heart. Would you fill your heart with good things even during challenging timers? Do you know the power of kindness impacts your life and others around you? What can you do for the neighbourhood? You can show the world kindness is not rare in unprecedented times. Use the King-Key to reach, use it to love, and open the doors of passion and life. It does not matter where we are - because everywhere we are, there is a need for kindness. Turn on the engine of service in you and see the miracles will happen soon.

The Metamorphosis Project is here to help those in need of kindness because of unfortunate and unpleasant circumstances. Let's do our part of support, especially when they are facing challenges. With our project, we let Faith, Hope, and Love rise.

We can do this together ---- to 'transform lives globally; restore hope locally,' One Soap at the time by:

~Purchasing Faith Hope Love Soap

~Partnering with Metamorphosis Projects

~Volunteering your time and passion

~Following us on Facebook and Instagram

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