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Faith Hope Love Campaign

Transforming lives globally; Restoring hope locally ~ one Soap at the time


The most powerful thing in the world is the exchange of the human touch.  When one person shares in the struggles of another, extraordinary things happen.  When women stand together - families, communities, and nations are transformed.  

This is the vision that we, at Metamorphosis Projects, are passionately advocating with our “Faith Hope Love Soap” campaign this year.  We believe that when women reach out to one another and work together, the human touch exchanged can radically remove social stigma and dissolve the invisible barriers which prevent families and communities from prospering. 

This year, the focus of the “Faith Hope Love Soap” campaign continues to be about creating social change globally for Balinese women and restoring hope locally for women in Sydney, NSW, facing homelessness due to domestic and family violence.   

The Balinese women in Ubud will continue to engage with Metamorphosis Projects, a social enterprise that sees them not only hand-crafting natural, bio-degradable soap but also empowering the lives of women and children in another part of the world.  For, with every ‘Faith Hope Love Soap’ bought, another soap is donated and gift-wrapped for women in Sydney crisis shelters.   

Why “Faith Hope Love”? 
‘Faith, Hope and Love’ are the ingredients of “resilient living.”   
Resilience empowers women and their loved ones to overcome and flourish. 


Faith inspires a person to believe good can come from any situation.   
Faith says:
“Against all odds, I will overcome. I am capable and I believe in myself.” 

Hope ignites a person with courage and strength to keep going despite obstacles.   

Hope says:

 “Though I can’t see it now, things are going to get better.” 


Love affirms a person, reinforcing their value, worth, and significance.  
Love says:
“You are important and needed.  Your presence brightens the lives of the people around you.” 


The "Faith Hope Love Soap" campaign builds resilience in women and empowers them to become the solution in their own situation and that of others.

The women this campaign supports are world-changers who are becoming living testimonies of Faith, Hope and Love. 


We invite you to join us in our mission to ‘transform lives globally; restore hope locally,’ by: 
~Purchasing Faith Hope Love Soap 
~Partnering with Metamorphosis Projects 
~Volunteering your time and passion 

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